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Old Mill Brewing Co.

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Tradition & Passion

Old Mill Beer is hand-brewed and bottled in the old wool store of the former Convoy Woollen Mill, Co. Donegal. The red brick building was once the workplace of many living in the village. Heard throughout the entire town of Convoy, the mill horn first sounded at 7.30am to wake the workers up, signalling the start of the working day.

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Session beer is not defined by flavours or aromas, which can place it in almost any style category. Instead, what makes a session beer is primarily refreshment and drinkability.

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Characterised by floral, fruity, citrus flavours using only American grown hops. It is a medium-bodied beer which is one of the most food-friendly styles to enjoy.

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Red Brick is a balanced beer that uses a moderate amount of kilned malts and roasted barley in the recipe, which gives the beer the colour after which it is named. 

Wool Store round batch
Seven thirty - round batch
Red brick round batch
Labbadoo for web
labbadoo - new england ipa
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finnadork - lower
Kiltoal for web
kiltoal - belgium wheat
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blackrepentance - chocolate chilli stout



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